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We know that it can be difficult to talk about such a sensitive topic as infertility,
but at Livio we know what you are going through and our experienced and caring team supports you all the way

Step 1
Creating an account/profile

You start by creating an account to be able to review donors and purchase.

After log-in, the donors are available for review. In some countries (i.e. Sweden) private persons are not allowed to purchase sperm themselves, but have to order through their doctor/fertility clinic.

When creating an account we need to know whether you are a private person or a clinic. In the case of a private person, we also need to know in which country and clinic your treatment will be performed. We are only allowed to ship sperm to clinics approved by the health authorities.

If you not already have decided which clinic you will have your fertility treatment, we can recommend one of our LIVIO clinics, all highly experienced, top-quality facilities located all over Sweden, in Oslo, and in Reykjavik

Step 2
Finding your donor

Finding the perfect match is a huge decision, and we recommend that you take your time. If you have any questions or should the donor you want be out of stock, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

We recommend that you start your search on the overview of our donors where you can narrow your search by selecting the characteristica important for you.

Step 3
Place your order

We recommend that you consult your clinic about how many straws you should order. Most often customers order 4-8 straws, one is normally enough for each treatment. However, you may need several treatments before you achieve pregnancy. By ordering more straws at a time you will save the shipping costs.

If you plan to be treated with the donor sperm in a country where pregnancy slots are mandatory you must also purchase a pregnancy slot.

Our most popular donors sell out quickly. If you are considering the possibility of siblings with sperm from the same donor, we recommend that you already now purchase additional straws for later use. The straws may be stored at Livio Sperm Bank until you are ready to use it. If not used, and still stored with us, you can deliver them back with a 75% refund.

Your units may be purchased for immediate shipping, or you may choose to store them at Livio Sperm Bank for future use.

Before you place your order, do not forget to check if your clinic is allowed to treat you with donor sperm and to inform them that your order will soon be on its way to the clinic.

Have you already bought sperm from a specific donor and should you want to order further sperm from the same donor, then please use the reorder function. You will find the reorder function at your profile under "My orders and reservations".

Step 4
Invoicing and shipping

When purchasing, private customers should pay with credit card directly through safe check-out by QuickPay. You will first be credited when the order is sent. Clinic customers will have different payment methods to choose among.

As soon as your order is confirmed, we ship as soon as possible, however, at least within 7 days.

Step 5
You can now start your fertility treatment

Your straws are delivered to your clinic of treatment. If you not already have decided in which clinic you will be treated, we of course highly recommend one of our own LIVIO clinics, all highly experienced, top quality clinics situated all over Sweden, in Oslo and in Reykjavik.

List of Livio clinics
We are here for you

Livio is the largest provider of fertility treatments in the Nordic countries with clinics in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Our aim is to provide the highest quality IVF-treatments and best results in the area of reproductive medicine at every one of our clinics.

Do not hesitate to contact us


Livio Fertilitetscentrum Gärdet

Storängsvägen 10
115 41 Stockholm
08-58 61 20 00

Livio Fertilitetscentrum Kungsholmen

Sankt Göransgatan 126, pl 4
112 81 Stockholm
08-684 57 200

IVF-mottagningen vid Sophiahemmet

Valhallavägen 91, Hus A, Plan 1
114 86 Stockholm
Telefon 08-20 48 10


Livio Fertilitetscentrum Malmö

Per Albin Hanssons väg 41
205 12 Malmö

Barnmorskemottagningen Livio Malmö

Medeon – Malmö
Per Albin Hanssons väg 41,
besöksadress: Cronquists gata 1
205 12 Malmö


Livio Fertilitetscentrum Göteborg

Box 5418
402 29 Göteborg
Telefon: 031-710 46 00


Livio Fertilitetscentrum Falun

Åsgatan 30
791 71 Falun
023-78 30 40


Livio Fertilitetscentrum Umeå

Norrlands Universitetssjukhus
901 85 Umeå
090-785 91 59


Livio Reykjavík

Álfheimar 74
104 Reykjavík
Telefon +354-430 40 00


Livio IVF-klinikken Oslo

Sørkedalsveien 10 A
0369 Oslo
Tlf: 23 20 44 00

Step 6
Pregnancy test

We hope your treatment has been successful! In case of a negative pregnancy test you may have straws left at the clinic or with us. Should you wish to prolong your storage or order more straws you can always contact us. We are here for you!

Screening and approving
our donors

It is important that all donors are healthy and not carriers of serious hereditary diseases. For this reason, we screen all our donors carefully before beeing approved. This screening consists of interviews, a personality test, general blood parameters and blood typing, CMV, infection tests, genetic testing and a medical examination.

The following test is performed:

Infectious diseases:
• HIV I / II • HTLV I / II • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Syphilis • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • Cytomegalovirus • General blood parameters • Blood type

Genetic tests:
• Thalassemia • Sickle cell anemia • Cystic fibrosis (CF) • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) • Hereditary deafness (GJB2) • Chromosome analysis

About six months after the first donation, new infection tests are taken. Meanwhile, the sperm are kept in quarantine to ensure that no possible contaminated sperm is used.

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