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Our staff is highly educated
and has a lot of experience with the entire fertility process

Livio is the Nordic region's leading company in fertility and has worked successfully with egg and sperm donation for more than a twenty years. Livio Sperm Bank´s facilities are in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

Livio Sperm Bank is highly focused on safety and quality. All laboratories are ISO-9001 certified and approved as tissue establishments by the National boards of health and welfare in each country.

Our donors are carefully selected by interviews and health examinations to ensure that they meet all requirements. They undergo an extensive screening process that improves the probability of conceiving a healthy child. It is important to us that you feel welcome, safe and well taken care of by our team.

Livio - Safety and Security
Livio - Safety and Security


Livio Research
our own research company
within the group

Livio Research is a non-profit research company within the Livio Group, founded in 2008 with the aim of initiating and coordinating research and development, such as clinical multicenter studies and the introduction of new advanced technology, within the group. A number of studies have been coordinated and conducted, as well as are presently on-going, within the company.

Livio Research´s vision is to enable the Livio Group to be a leader in research and development within the fields of reproductive medicine and the treatment of infertility, comparable to the best university clinics globally. Our constant driving force is to improve the pregnancy outcomes for all patients, even for those with a reduced prognosis to succeed.

Screening and approving
our donors

It is important that all donors are healthy and not carriers of serious hereditary diseases. For this reason, we screen all our donors carefully before beeing approved. This screening consists of interviews, a personality test, general blood parameters and blood typing, CMV, infection tests, genetic testing and a medical examination.

The following tests are performed:

Infectious diseases:
• HIV I / II • HTLV I / II • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Syphilis • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • Cytomegalovirus • General blood parameters • Blood type

Genetic tests:
• Thalassemia • Sickle cell anemia • Cystic fibrosis (CF) • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) • Hereditary deafness (GJB2) • Chromosome analysis • Tay-Sachs

About six months after the first donation, new infection tests are taken. Meanwhile, the sperm are kept in quarantine to ensure that no possible contaminated sperm is used.

More about our donors
Safety and Security - Donors

Ethics and Legislation

All activities in Livio Sperm Bank are based on the highest ethical and moral standards. The ethical principles focuses on respect to the interests and welfare of persons who will be born as well as the health and psychosocial welfare of all participants, including sperm donors.

All Livio Sperm Bank donors are handling on an altruistic basis, they want to help others. The donors are only compensated for expences to transport and their normal working time.

All our donors are non-anonymous. According to legislation in each country children born after use of donor semen will as an grown-up have the right to seek information about the donor.

We are also acting in accordance with applicable national law a in order to adhere to the national quota of children/families, specific to each country.

All Livio laboratories are ISO-9001 certified and approved as tissue establishments by the National boards of health and welfare in each country as well as to the EU Tissue Directive 2004/2008 relating to donor sperm.

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shipping and delivery

We ship and deliver sperm Monday through Friday.
Shipments are typically delivered to fertility clinics within 1-2 working days.

During the transport the straws are stored in a locked environment in nitrogen that holds -196 C.

According to most countries legislation, it is prohibited to ship donor sperm to home addresses. The sperm will be delivered to the clinic, where you are having your treatment.

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