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from Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark

Livio Sperm Bank recruit donors in Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark with a wide variety of ethnicities.

All our donors are non-anonymous and have undergone extensive medical, genetic and psychological screening before being approved as donors.



Who becomes a donor?
Why do they donate?
What is the motivation?

We know that our sperm donors are driven by altruistic and generous motives.
Sperm donors are not paid, however they receive a small reimbursment intended to replace loss of income and travel expenses.
All of our donors undergo extensive medical, genetic and psychologal examinations in order to guarantee care of the highest quality.

Sperm quality
Many factors may impact sperm quality

Donor sperm must be of high quality to enable the greatest chance of having a child for the patient. Sperm quality varies from individual to individual, and it is normal that sperm quality can vary over time. Many factors may impact sperm quality, such as disease, fever, heat, smoking, drug abuse, diet, obesity and certain medications. Although it is possible for older men to have children, sperm quality decreases with age.

What we examine in sperm samples:
Sperm count- the number of sperm measured in millions per ml
Motility - the proportion of sperm that moves forward
The more normal, motile sperm in the sample, the greater the chance of pregnancy.

Screening and approving
our donors

It is important that all donors are healthy and not carriers of serious hereditary diseases. For this reason, we screen all our donors carefully before beeing approved. This screening consists of interviews, a personality test, general blood parameters and blood typing, CMV, infection tests, genetic testing and a medical examination.

The following test is performed:

Infectious diseases:
• HIV I / II • HTLV I / II • Hepatitis B • Hepatitis C • Syphilis • Chlamydia • Gonorrhea • Cytomegalovirus • General blood parameters • Blood type

Genetic tests:
• Thalassemia • Sickle cell anemia • Cystic fibrosis (CF) • Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) • Hereditary deafness (GJB2) • Chromosome analysis • Tay-Sachs

About six months after the first donation, new infection tests are taken. Meanwhile, the sperm are kept in quarantine to ensure that no possible contaminated sperm is used.

Why choose Livio Sperm Bank?
never compromising medical and ethical standards

Livio is the largest provider of fertility treatments in the Nordic region with vast experience of recruiting high quality sperm donors as well as treating patients with donor sperm. All of our donors are open and they may only give rise to children in a maximum of 25 families each, worldwide.

In never compromising medical and ethical standards, nor the proficiency of our staff, we ensure the best purchasing experience for all or our clients. You are welcome to contact us with any questions you may have and we look forward to give you the best possible care and service.

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